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Fumigation and Pest Control services in Kenya

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Agile Pest Control Services Kenya offers guaranteed pest control services in  Kenya and throughout the whole country. We all know how fast pests can spread in our homes or businesses. Today you see one cockroach, a bed bug or a rat dashing across the room, few days down the line it becomes a full blown infestation. Taking care of this issue is what we specialize in. We use pest science and deep knowledge of products in the market to fight pests so you stay in peace. Our methods are safe for humans, pets and environment.

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Top Rated Fumigation and Pest Control Services in Kenya

We use Integrated Pest Management(IPM) techniques to cut them out of your life. This means instead of soaking your home with chemicals all the time like other pest control practitioners, we tap into our deep knowledge of pest behaviour and many years of experience to solve any pest problem.

Best Fumigation & Pest Control Services in Nairobi

For fumigation and pest control services, call 0726 473 074 or request a free quote by filling the form. Agile Fumigation and Pest Control Services in Nairobi covers Embakasi, Karen, Kilimani, Kahawa, Kasarani, Westlands, Lavington, and Nairobi at large.

Residential Pest Control Services in Kenya

If you’re a homeowner, you likely do not want to deal with pest problems in your home. Pests aren’t just a nuisance, they can be dangerous as well. At Agile Pest Control Kenya, we are committed to keeping you and your family safe from pest infestations. We have over 5 years of experience providing reliable residential pest control services in Nairobi Kenya. Our team is committed to keeping you and your home pest-free all year long.

Pest Control Services In Nairobi Kenya

Pest problems are a fact of life in our region year-round. To keep them out of your home, it’s important to team up with residential exterminators you can trust. When you work with Agile Pest Contrl Services Kenya, our home pest control team will come up with a tailored solution to not only target your specific pest problem but also prevent all types of pests. Whether you need to prevent cockroaches in your kitchen or get rid of ants in your garage, we have the solution for you.

Kenya’s Best Residential Pest Control Services

We know how distressing a pest infestation can be for you and your family. Agile Pest Control Services Kenya focuses on preventative residential pest management. This means we aim to stop pest infestations before they begin! With our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured we will continue to work hard to keep you pest-free all year long in your home.

Three Steps to Home Pest Control Services in Kenya

Our residential pest control team works hard to use the most effective and safest pest control methods. We focus on three important steps to keep you pest-free:

  1. A full property inspection. By getting to know your home, we can pinpoint areas that may be vulnerable to pest infestations. Regular inspections ensure no pests have made themselves at home with your family.
  2. Targeted pest control treatments. We pride ourselves in using the industry’s best pest control methods and products. While we focus on prevention, we will always use the most effective and safe products to remove pests from your home.
  3. Custom pest management plans. Whether you need one time, quarterly pest control or annual inspections, our residential exterminators will customize a pest management plan suited to the unique needs of your home and family.

customer satisfaction is our #1 goal

Every project we do is done with your happiness in mind. We employ customer focussed and personalized techniques when engaging with you. 


Agile Pest fumigation Services Nairobi helps you eliminate pests and prevent them from coming back. We offer both one-time fumigation services and ongoing maintenance plans to keep pests from returning.

Our Nairobi Fumigation Services will help you get rid pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, and more. Call 0726 473 074 for fumigation services.

Bed bugs can be challenging to eliminate without the help of a professional. Our team of experienced Nairobi Fumigation Service specialists is here to help you get rid of bed bugs for good. We use the latest techniques and tools to quickly and effectively eliminate bed bugs from your property.

Our bed bug fumigation services Nairobi includes a thorough inspection of your property to determine the extent of the infestation. We will then create a customized treatment plan that meets your specific needs and budget. Our team will work quickly and efficiently to eliminate all bed bugs and their eggs, ensuring that your property is bed bug-free.

Our fumigation services in Nairobi also covers cockroaches. Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in homes and businesses, and they can cause a lot of damage and health hazards. They are known to carry harmful bacteria and allergens, and their presence can lead to allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other health problems.

Our team of fumigation service specialists is experienced in dealing with cockroaches and knows the best methods to eliminate them from your home. We use safe and effective techniques and tools to quickly eliminate cockroaches and prevent them from coming back.

Our Nairobi fumigation services are safe and environmentally friendly, so you can rest easy knowing that your family or customers are protected.

A pest control service in Kenya

2023's Best Pest Control Services in Kenya

For pest control services in Kenya, call 0726 473 074 or request a free quote by filling out the form. Agile Pest Control Services in Kenya covers Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Ruiru, Thika, Eldoret, Kisumu, Malindi, and nationwide.

Agile Pest Control will provide services if you need to control bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, rodents, snakes, fleas, ants, bees, pigeons, or bats. 

Commercial Fumigation and Pest Control Services in Kenya

At Agile Pest Control Services Kenya, we offer a professional and ethical commercial pest control services in Nairobi Kenya for businesses, to remove a multitude of unwanted guests such as nuisance bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, bees, snakes and rodents. We advocate prevention alongside removal, and can help you to devise a long-term pest management strategy. By choosing commercial pest control solutions, you can be assured of a discreet service and an effective solution that will safeguard your building against future infestations.

24 hour commercial pest control Nairobi

We offer our specialist services to many sectors including hospitality venues, restaurants, shops, public buildings such as schools and hospitals, warehouses and factories across the Nairobi Kenya. Our friendly and expert pest technicians are available 24 hours a day for fast, effective pest removal. 

best pest control servicesin Nairobi Kenya

A commercial pest problem can be extremely stressful for business owners and can often be overlooked or avoided. However, it can cause all manner of serious problems to businesses if ignored, so our firm advice is to confront and deal with infestations as swiftly as possible. An effective pest control strategy is essential for any responsible business owner, in order to protect your profit, reputation and property, as well as the wellbeing of staff and visitors.

Thanks to social media, news of an infestation can travel fast, adversely affecting your reputation and future customer consideration. This is especially fatal to the food, health and hospitality sectors of course, and once the damage is done, it can be very difficult to regain customer confidence. But pests can affect all sorts of businesses, projecting a poor public image and giving the impression of neglect. The best approach is to act at the very first sign, or even suspicion, of a pest problem before it escalates and starts to damage your hard-earned reputation.

Why we are the best fumigation and Pest Control Company in KENYA.

Agile Pest Control Company is one of the best pest control companies in Kenya. We provide exceptional fumigation and pest control services in Kenya to both residential customers and businesses.

Pests covered in our pest control services in Kenya include bedbugs, mosquitoes, ants, bees, cockroaches, houseflies, snakes, spiders, termites, bats, rodents, and wasps, among others.

Our pest control services in Kenya are guaranteed to give you satisfaction. We use the most effective methods to eliminate the pests that bother you. Most of our clients are satisfied with our fumigation and pest control services and agree that we are the best pest control company in Kenya that they have ever contracted.

For many years, we have provided fumigation and pest control services in Kenya to many businesses and homes. The experience we have gained over the years is invaluable. Over time, we have developed advanced methods to effectively control pests. Call us today and you will be guaranteed to have the best fumigation and pest control company in Kenya at your service.

All our staff is trained and certified. So, you are sure to get professional fumigation and pest control services.

Unlike many other pest control companies in Kenya, we use proven and integrated approaches for effective pest control. Our fumigation and pest control services in Kenya are both people and pet friendly. We conduct thorough inspections to ensure that no bug or flaw goes undetected.

Few pest control companies in Kenya provide customized solutions. At Agile Pest Control Company, we know that clients’ needs differ; thus, we provide customized pest control solutions that are tailored for each individual client.

Over the years, we have built a solid reputation as a reliable pest control company in Kenya. Our clients include schools, colleges, universities, businesses, homeowners, and government institutions among others. We’re the best when it comes to prices of pest control services in Kenya.

No fumigation and pest control company in Kenya gets more referral customers than Agile Pest Control Company. We provide exceptional pest control services that exceed our client’s expectations, and as a result, they often refer us to their friends and associates.

Contact us today for professional fumigation and pest control services and join the growing list of our satisfied customers.

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As a professional pest control services company in Nairobi Kenya, we work with the following organization and partners

Our Fumigation & Pest Control Services are available in the following areas


With a population of over 4.4 million people, Nairobi is where we concentrate most. We’ve helped clients in areas like Lang’ata, Madaraka, South B and C, Imara Daima, Nyayo Estate, Donholm, Umoja, Buru, Komarock, Kasarani, Parklands, Kilimani, Westlands and so on.


Given its proximity to Nairobi and high population density, we’ve completed many projects in Kiambu. Places like Kahawa Wendani, Kahawa Sukari, Ruiru, Juja, Thika, Mwiki, Mwihoko, Kiambu town, Gatundu, and many others.


We’ve also served many clients in Machakos. Places like Mlolongo, Syokimau, Arthi River, Machakos town and so many others. So if you are in Machakos and need help fighting pests, feel free to reach out to us for help.


Recently, bedbugs have become a problem to Mombasa residents. The warm climate of this coastal city offers ideal conditions for fast spreading of pests. We’ve helped clients in estates like Nyali, Bamburi, Kizingo, Tudor, Kibokoni, Ganjoni, Likoni and many others.

We also cover areas like Kitengela, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Bungoma, Kitale, and all other parts of the country.

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Pest control services Frequently Asked Questions

What does pest control services include?

There are many services included in pest control. They include:

  • Bedbug control.
  • Termite control.
  • Ant control.
  • Mosquito control.
  • Snake control.
  • Cockroach control.
  • Bat control.
  • Flea control.
  • Control of many other types of pests.

Bedbug control services entail the extermination of bedbugs from your property. It may be residential bedbug control or commercial bedbug control. Residential bedbug control is the removal of bedbugs in places where people live, for instance, estates and private homes. Commercial bedbug control is the removal of bedbugs in commercial settings, for instance, business premises, hotels, public service vehicles (PSVs), taxis, etc.

Termite control services comprise the removal of termites from your property and periodic termite inspection by pest control and fumigation companies. Termites are notoriously difficult to spot during the early stages of infestation. To avoid serious property damage, property owners should enroll in termite inspection services.

Ant control services include ant inspection and ant extermination. Pest control experts will visit your property and conduct a thorough inspection for ant colonies. The identified ant colonies will be eliminated. Thereafter, you may enroll in optional periodic ant inspection services. Several fumigation and pest control companies in Kenya offer periodic ant inspection services, for example monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Snake control services involve the removal of snakes from your house or compound. If you spot a snake inside your house, call a reliable pest control company to come and safely remove it. In addition to snake removal, pest control companies in Kenya install snake repellants in the homes of clients who request this service.

Flea control services include the extermination of fleas from your property. Fleas must be removed from both indoors and outdoors if they are present. Pets are among the most affected victims of fleas. Pest control and fumigation companies will help you get rid of fleas that are in the carpet, yard, or pets’ fur.

What should I look for when hiring a pest control company?

Before booking a pest control service, there are several things to look for. They include:

  • Experience – Check the number of years that a pest control company has been in business. Companies that have many years of experience are better than new entrants because they have gained valuable skills, knowledge, and expertise in the extermination of pests. Some pests are difficult to eliminate and require advanced approaches which only those with experience have mastered.
  • Reviews – Take a look at what previous or current clients of the pest control company have to say about the services that they got. Check on Google Reviews, Facebook Comments, Twitter, and all other places you can get the information. If many clients say they have had a bad experience dealing with the company, chances are that you’ll get a similar experience.
  • Guarantee – This is one of the most important things to look for when hiring a pest control company. The company should give you a guarantee of a reasonable period. For example, they can back up their service with a 90-day guarantee. If pests return within that period, they should come and eliminate the pests again.
  • They should be licensed by Pest Control Products Board (PCPB). A pest control and fumigation company that is licensed is more likely to offer quality services than an unlicensed company. Enquire if the company is licensed before booking their services.
  • Find out if the pest control company uses safe treatment methods. Safety is important for everyone, including yourself, your family, and your pets. If a fumigation company uses unsafe pest control methods, you, your family, and your pets are likely to be harmed. Only book their services if you have ascertained that the fumigation company uses safe pest control methods.
  • Pricing – Most fumigation companies in Kenya have their customer hotline numbers displayed on their websites. Call them and request an estimate. If the pricing is reasonable, then go ahead and book their services.

What do I need to do before pest control comes?

After booking the services of a pest control and fumigation company, there are important things that you should do before they arrive. These include:

  • Place all food items in airtight containers – Pest control service involves the use of chemicals that can be harmful if ingested. If you leave food items in places where chemicals can reach, those food items will be contaminated and you will have to throw them away.
  • Put away all paper products – Fumigation services may entail the use of spraying surfaces. If the surfaces contain important paper products like certificates, those products will get wet and they will be spoilt. Safely store away all the important paper products before any pest control service begins.
  • Move furniture away from walls – Pests normally hide behind furniture. Moving furniture away from the wall will make it easier for pest control experts to carry out a good pest inspection.
  • Provide easy access – Remove items from the top of the refrigerator, kitchen countertop, and under the kitchen sink. Remove items from hard-to-reach corners and ensure you open normally closed rooms like stores. These processes will make it easier for pest control experts to apply treatments.
  • Confine the pets – Some pets are not used to strangers being around. They may get territorial and can cause harm to pest control experts. Pets can also get in the way during the treatment process and confining them will make the process run smoothly. If the pets themselves are involved in the treatment process, for instance, flea control in dogs, try to be present during the process to assist in handling the pet.

What are fumigation services?

A fumigation service is the application of gaseous chemicals or fumigants to an enclosure or area to kill the target pests.

The steps of fumigation include:

  • Sealing – The place to be fumigated is sealed well using appropriate materials and methods to prevent the escape of the chemical gases. If for instance one room is infested with pests, that room may be sealed well before the application of fumigants. If the entire house is infested with pests, then the whole house is sealed well before being fumigated. This may be done by erecting a large tent over the entire house.
  • Application – After the sealing process, the next stage is the application of fumigants. The gaseous chemicals are applied at controlled rates to the sealed areas using appropriate application equipment.
  • Monitoring – This is the stage where the pest control experts monitor parameters like gas concentration. This is one of the most critical stages during a fumigation service. To calculate concentration time products (CTPs), pest control experts use the following equation:


 where C is the concentration of the gas, t is the amount of time necessary to be exposed to the gas to produce the desired toxic effect, and k is a constant. Once calculated, CTPs can prove whether a given fumigation process is working or not. Different pests have different CTP fumigant thresholds. A CTP that is lower than the CTP of the target pest will lead to a failed fumigation.

  • Ventilation and clearance – Once the fumigation service experts determine that it is time to end the fumigation process, they vent out the gaseous chemicals. Fumigants are harmful to humans and the environment. The fumigation service experts ensure that the chemical gases are removed and done away with in an acceptable manner following government and environmental agency regulations.

What are the 4 types of pest control?

The 4 types of pest control include:

  • Chemical pest control – This is the use of pesticides and fungicides to control pests. Chemicals help to eliminate pests and insects at any life stage, for instance, egg stage, larva stage, pupa stage, or adult stage. Many people opt to use chemical pest control because it is cost-effective and offers quick results. The main drawback of chemical pest control is that it can be harmful to the environment. Another major disadvantage of this type of pest control is that pests develop resistance to pesticides. A good example of pesticide resistance is the German cockroach, which is now resistant to most chemical ingredients used to make pesticides.
  • Biological pest control – This involves the use of living organisms to control pests. In nature, many pests have predators that prey on them. Biological pest control entails exposing pests to predators. Biological pest control agents are released in various numbers, ranging from a few predators to millions, in the target area. An example is the use of parasitoid wasps which attack cockroach egg cases. Another example that is common in many Kenyan households is the use of cats to control rodents. Despite being environmentally friendly, biological pest control is a slow process of eliminating pests.
  • Physical pest control – This method involves eliminating insects and pests by physically removing them, killing them, or setting up barriers. An example is using traps to catch rodents. Another example is the use of heat treatment to kill bedbugs. If deployed well, physical pest control can be very effective at getting rid of pests. Unlike chemical control, this method is not prone to resistance, for instance, bedbugs cannot develop resistance to heat.
  • Electronic pest control – This is the use of electrically powered devices to repel pests. An example is the use of ultrasonic devices that emit short-wavelength, high-frequency sound waves that are too high in pitch to be heard by the human ear. Another example is the use of Radio Frequency (RF) treatments to control pests.

What are the top 3 pests that cause damage?

Here are the pests that cause the most damage:

  • Termites – Termites damage structures and cause losses of billions of shillings worldwide. A termite colony can consist of more than 2 million members. They are constantly feeding and will feed on any wooden structure that they can access. They will damage almost any part of your house, including the doors, windows, ceilings, walls, and floors. Furthermore, they will eat anything in the house that contains cellulose like books, cabinet shelves, and cardboard.
  • Rodents – Rodents include pests like rats, mice, and squirrels. Rodents are one of the most destructive pests because they chew on anything they come across. They will chew your clothes, curtains, wallpapers, books, and many other valuable items in your house. Rodents also transmit diseases. Because you are sick, you probably won’t go to work, hence causing you or your company financial losses. Treating some diseases caused by rats can also be costly.
  • Ants – Just like termites, ants cause structural damage to properties. Ants will tunnel through your wall, creating tunnels and nests. The major culprit is the carpenter ants, which cause major financial losses to property owners worldwide. A carpenter ant colony can consist of about 20,000 workers. This high number of ants can damage your property rather fast. You need to watch out for signs of ant infestation like the appearance of small openings on the surface of the wood. By detecting the presence of ants early, substantial financial losses and property damage can be avoided.

How do I get rid of rats in my house in Kenya?

To get rid of rats, you can use physical, chemical, or biological control methods.

If you prefer to use the physical control method, you can deploy mechanical rat traps or rodent bait stations at strategic places in your home. Mechanical rat traps are designed in such a way that rats can easily get inside but cannot easily get out. Once a rat is caught, you can kill it. Rodent bait stations can hold bait traps. They are useful because they ensure the safety of children and pets.

If you prefer to use the biological control method, you can acquire a cat or two. Cats are natural predators of rats and will hunt down the rats. Apart from eating the rats, cats deter rats from coming to your house. Cats mark their territory by rubbing up against things. The rats will detect this scent and will move away to another scent-free area. If you own a small house or property, this is one of the most effective rat solutions.

If you prefer chemical methods, you can buy and use chemical products that kill rats. The products available in Kenya include Red cat, Miratex, Rat Kill Pellets, Fuko-Kill, Tomcat-All-weather Blox, and Baraki Pellets, amongst others.

If you want to avoid all the hustles involved in getting rid of rats, simply call pest experts. They have the experience and the skills to easily eradicate rats from your house.  

Join Our Happy Clients
Yvonne Macharia

I Had a stubborn cockroach infestation at my house in Thome, Roasters. I contacted Agile Pest Control Services Kenya, Paul came, identified the breed(he said German Roaches) and helped me get rid of them . I'm now happy I got none.

Daggy Omondi

Agile Pest Control Services Kenya got rid of bed bugs from my home in Greenpark, Athi River. What hooked me to their service is heat treatment they use. Been staying for 3 months without bugs and Paul assured he'll be back if I see them bugs again.


I was surprised by the depth of work you guys did at my house. The professionalism was also good. I'll definitely refer you to my friends in case they need your services.

pest control client testimonial
Mercy Mukami

I loved the bedbug and cockroach control service you offered me. Keeping time, working efficiently and fast made me really satisfied. Thanks.

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