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There are about 10,000 known species of ants in the world. Some of these ant species are found in Kenya, for example, Safari ants (Siafu), black ants, carpenter ants, Argentine Ant, Pharaoh’s Ant, Pavement Ant, Coastal Brown Ant, Garden Ant, Black House Ant, Fire Ant, and Sugar Ant.

Ants organize themselves into colonies that can consist of a few individuals to millions of individuals. They thrive in moist tropical ecosystems like Kenya. Their success is primarily because of their excellent social organization. All the ants in the colony work together for the common good of making the colony successful.

The queen lays eggs and ensures the continuity of the colony. If the queen dies, the colony will seize to exist within a few months. The workers, which are by far the most numerous individuals in the nest, are responsible for nest construction and maintenance, foraging, tending the brood and queen, and defense of the colony. Theirs is a world where individuals don’t count and decisions are made collectively.

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Ants develop through complete metamorphosis. The stages of development include egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. At the larva stage, the ants are fed by the workers.

Ant colonies can exist for many years. The queen has a lifespan of up to 30 years. It will produce millions of eggs during this long life. If ants have established a colony in your compound or in your neighborhood, that colony will not go away without your intervention. It is essential that you contact pest control and fumigation companies to carry out an inspection and exterminate the ants.

Our Ant Control services in Nairobi Kenya

At agile pest control company, we have over 15 years of experience eliminating ants from the premises of our clients. Our ant control treatment targets eliminating the entire colony. Most DIY approaches like spraying are usually not successful. This is because they will only kill a fraction of the ants and not the entire colony.

For effective ant elimination, call the experts – it’s not that expensive. One of the most important tasks we do, before we start treatment, is the identification of the ant species in your compound. Different ant species require different treatment methods to control.

Facts About Ants

  • Ants have two stomachs. One is for holding their own food while the other is for holding family food i.e., it acts like a store. The workers that defend the nest and tend to the queen do not go out to forage, but they also need food. The larvae also need to eat. The workers that go out foraging and they bring in the food supplies.
  • Ants are almost completely blind. They spot prey by vibration.
  • The total number of ants on Earth far outnumbers all other animals put together.
  • An ant can lift up to 20 times its own weight.
  • Despite being made up of millions of individuals, an ant colony acts as one. By working together, ants transcend individual size.
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Professional Ant Control services in Kenya

Equipped with the latest tools and techniques, we have the knowledge to combat even the most stubborn ant colonies. Whether it’s Safari Ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, or any other species, we have the expertise to address them all.

We use safe and effective methods to eliminate ants at their source, employing eco-friendly solutions that pose no harm to your family or pets.

We serve both homeowners and businesses and we’ve helped clients in places like Lavington, Runda, Karen, Kitisuru, Embakasi, Kasarani, Kitengela, Thika, and in many other places eliminate ant colonies. Whether you need ant control for your residence, restaurant, office, or retail space, we’ve got you covered.

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Watch out

If you spot one ant trekking through your compound, do not ignore it. It may indicate that an ant colony is nearby. There can be one or several ant colonies in your compound and in the neighborhood. For effective ant control, all the colonies should be exterminated.

Ant control services in Muthaiga, Nairobi, Kenya

Muthaiga is located 4 km north of Nairobi’s CBD. It is an affluent neighborhood in Nairobi. It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Kenya. The serene environment in Muthaiga offers the perfect home for ants. The ant species found here include Safari Ants, Carpenter Ants, Garden Ants and sugar Ants.

We have offered ant control services to many residents of Muthaiga, including top politicians and businessmen. Our ant control services include total extermination of all ant colonies, backed by a 6-month warranty. Contact us today for the most effective and efficient ant control services in Muthaiga.

Ant control services in Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya

Lavington is a high-income residential suburb located 5.6 km northwest of Nairobi’s CBD. Lavingtom is home to some of the most prestigious schools in Kenya like St. Austins Academy, Braeside high school and Rusinga schools. Many high-profile politicians, top government officials and top lawyers in the country reside in Lavington.

The expansive and big compounds of residential homes in Lavington is conducive for pests like ants. The ant species found in Lavington include sugar ants, safari ants, black ants, garden ants and carpenter ants. Agile pest control company offers fast and affordable ant control service in Lavington. Contact us to schedule an inspection and get a free estimate.  

Ant control services in Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya

Gigiri is an affluent residential area in Nairobi with a large expat community. It hosts US embassy, Nairobi. It also hosts UN offices which include United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and United Nations Human Settlements Programme. Moreover, it hosts The International Civil Aviation Organization’s Base for Eastern and Southern Africa.

The large expat community in Gigiri have to contend with local ant populations here. For the best ant control services in Gigiri, contact Agile Pest Control Company.

Ant control services in Kitisuru, Nairobi, Kenya

Kitisuru is an upscale suburb located 9.5 km north-west of Nairobi’s CBD. It is made up of three sublocations: Loresho, Kyuna and Lower Kabete. Being an upscale surbub does not exempt Kitisuru from pests. In fact, pests like ants thrive in areas where there is plenty of space and landscapes like Kitisuru. The most common ant species found in Kitisuru include Safari ants, garden ants, black ants, carpenter ants and sugar ants.

Contact Agile pest control services for the most reliable ant control services in Kitisuru. We use the most effective methods to eliminate the ants that are in your premises. Contact us today for ant inspection and a free quote.  

Ant control services in Runda, Nairobi, Kenya

Runda is a posh neighborhood. As the rich and famous go about their activities here, the ants are also silently busy with their own activities: building nests, reproducing, caring for their young, looking for food, etc. The most common ant species in Runda is Safari ant, garden ants and Sugar ants.

If you are looking for Ant control services in Runda, look no further. Agile Pest Control Sevices company is your best bet. We have many years of experience in exterminating ants in Runda. Contact us today and book our Ant control services.

Ant control services in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

Karen was named after a Danish author called Karen Blixen. It Lies 12 km south-west of Nairobi CBD. Being adjacent to Ngong forest, Karen has a history of pests like ants. Ants have established colonies in this wealthy neighborhood since its inception. The most common Ant species found in Karen Include Garden ants, Safari ants, Carpenter ants and Sugar ants.

Agile pest control company offers the most reliable ant extermination services in Karen. We have helped many residents, including several high-profile politicians and a former vice president, get rid of ants in their compounds.

What to Expect on the treatment day

A vetted and trained technician will arrive in an unmarked vehicle /PSV/bike/Uber for confidentiality

He’ll ask you general question with regard to history of the problem

We’ll do thorough inspection of the compound

We’ll execute the most effective ant treatment based on inspection

We’ll ensure to exterminate all the colonies

Agile Pest® backs up service with a 60-day warranty

Expect a follow up call from us to know how you are fairing on.




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