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Are you struggling with an unending cockroach infestation at your house? We, Agile Pest Control Services Kenya, are here for you. If left unattended to, cockroach infestation can explode within only 3-months. We are among the top pest control companies in Kenya. For over 10 years we’ve helped clients handle heavy infestation at their home and we here do exactly that to you. But first. Let’s share cockroach information.

How many types of cockroaches are common in Kenya?

While it may not be easy to identify the difference between most of cockroaches we encounter
everyday, If you keep a keen eye on their physical features, you can easily see some difference.
There are 3 common types of roaches you can come across:
● German Cockroach
● Oriental Cockroach
● American Cockroach

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German Roach

This are the most popular type of cockroach in the world. They are of medium size: adult
measures about 12-15mm and are light brown. What sets them apart is how fast they can
multiply. A female lays about 35-40 eggs in a special egg case called ootheca.
This eggs will only take a month to hatch and their nymph takes only about 6 weeks to mature.
German cockroaches prefer staying indoors and you’ll find them mostly in wet or humid
conditions like kitchen and bathrooms.
They also like staying in commercial buildings and you’ll not be surprised to find them in offices
taking refuge inside files and books.

oriental roach

Oriental cockroaches are also fairly common this days.
They are dark brown to black in color. One sure way to identify them is the fact that females
have undeveloped wings. Like they are literally naked, and males have wings that cover only
about ¾ of their body.
Oriental roaches are slightly bigger than their German counterpart measuring 20-25mm in
Females lay about 16 eggs in the egg cases, hatches within two months and matures between
6 – 18 weeks.
Oriental cockroaches do well in cool and damp places such as basements, drainage and
sewage systems.

american roach

Now this ones are usually giants, measuring 30-45 mm in length. They are shiny brown in color,
lay 16 eggs,hatches in 1.5 months and the nymphs grows into adults in about 8 month.
American cockroaches like secluded, dark and quiet places. You’ll most likely find them deep
inside kitchen cabinets, store area, up inside the ceiling and basements.
Unlike Oriental cockroaches, American cockroaches have developed and full wings.

Red signs to look for when infestation is getting out of hand

One mistake I see people make a lot is this: You see a cockroach or two walking on your living
room floor during the day, you pounce on them and kill them instantly, you even congratulate
yourself for moving such fast. And then you sit thinking you are done.
Truth is, you might be in trouble. Why? The reason is unknowingly, you may be dealing with an
exploding infestation. In normal circumstances, cockroaches do hide during the day and come
out only at night. Seeing them during the day means the infestation is high.
So here are some signs you might want to keep an eye on when doing an inspection:
Unpleasant Musty smell: Cockroaches usually give off a peculiar smell. This smell comes from
chemicals called cuticular hydrocarbon which they release to communicate among themselves
about food, mates and safe harborage areas.

Cockroach Droppings: An established cockroach infestation will never miss their droppings.
Cockroaches excrete solid waste that are tiny and cylindrical in shape. The typical color is either
black or brown depending on the species of cockroach.

Exoskeleton/ Shade skin: Like any other insect, cockroaches also shade off their skin when
going through different development stages called nymphs. The shade skin also gives off the
unique smell common to roaches.
Smear sticky marks: Any time you open your kitchen cabinet and find some sticky substance
especially on the surfaces, then it’s likely you’ve got roaches.

Check out this video National Geographic

cockroach control best practices

How to Control Cockroaches: Best Practises

You know the cliche “prevention is better than cure”. This too is important in pest control.
Cockroaches are dangerous pests. They spread nasty microorganisms like E-coli and
Salmonella that cause sickness.
Practising proper hygiene and housekeeping is great. Two major factors that bring cockroaches
are availability of food and water.
Specifically, here are some measures you should take to stay safe:
Cut any food source: Food should stay in airtight containers, plastic bags and properly sealed.
Clean food debris from preparation area, table, microwave and any other food appliance in your
Keep dustbin closed: Put any left over foods in the dustbin and remember to keep in closed
whether it’s day or night.
Keep everything organised: Remove old newspapers, magazine, kids toys, clothes and
anything else from floor. Declutter your house like a boss.
Block all entry points: This strategy mostly applies to the giant species like American or
Oriental. They love getting in through drainage systems like along the pipe and electric lines.
You can also use insects screen on windows.

What to Expect on the treatment day

A vetted and trained technician will arrive in an unmarked vehicle /PSV/bike/Uber for confidentiality

He’ll ask you general question with regard to history of the problem

We’ll do thorough inspection of the rooms starting with bed rooms

We’ll execute our through cockroach treatment process

Step back into your roach free and odour free house after 2 hours

You’ll be expected to open windows and doors (if possible) for 1 hour so the fumes settles.

Agile Pest® backs up service with a 60-day warranty

Expect a follow up call from us after 7 days to know how you are fairing on.

pricing (Ksh.)


BEDSITTER – 3000 2800

1 BEDROOM – 4800 4500

2 BEDROOM – 5800 5500

3 BEDROOM – 6800 6500

4 BEDROOM – 7800 7500

5 BEDROOM – 8800 8500

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