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about Fleas

Fleas are small flightless insects that live as external parasites of mammals and birds. Fleas live by ingesting the blood of their hosts. Some people think that fleas are a problem to cats and dogs only. However, the truth is that fleas can and do bite humans also. If you suspect that there are fleas around your home, contact us today. We have the most effective flea extermination plans.

fleas Pest control services in Kenya

Choosing the best pest control company in Kenya

If you want to completely get rid of fleas, it is important that you choose the best pest control company in Kenya. At Agile Pest Control Company, we have dealt with flea infestation in the country for 15 years now. We have encountered and dealt with both small-scale and large-scale flea infestation. Call us today for the most effective flea control services in Kenya.

dogs and cat scratching for fleas

Fleas attack the following:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Cattle and many other domestic animals 

Signs your dog has fleas

  • Excessive scratching
  • Scabs and red sores on the skin
  • Presence of dark spots (flea feces)
  • Presence of flea Eggs
flea feaces on dog's skin

Signs your cat has fleas

  • Excessive scratching
  • Loss of hair
  • Presence of flea feces
  • Presence of fleas on skin. (You can see the flea move around if you observe closely)
signs of fleas in cats

Fumigation and pest control services in Kenya

If you have a flea infestation, we are here to give you the best fumigation and pest control services in Kenya which includes flea extermination. Fleas can cause a lot of problems for you and your pets. They can cause allergic reactions and skin diseases. It is vital that you control fleas as soon as possible. Among all the fumigation and pest control companies in Kenya, Agile pest control company offers the most comprehensive flea elimination and prevention services.

Our services includes control of many other types of pests like Termites, Bedbugs, Snakes, Mosquito, Cockroaches, and many others.

7 facts about fleas

  1. Fleas can survive for several weeks without food.
  2. Female fleas can lay up to 40 eggs a day
  3. Fleas are great jumpers. They can jump 50-100 times their own body length (That’s equivalent of a human jumping over 150 meters)
  4. Female fleas can consume blood 15 times their own body weight on a daily basis.
  5. After a blood meal, female fleas will lay their eggs within 35 to 48 hours.
  6. Fleas feed exclusively on blood
  7. Fleas are responsible for The Black Death. 25 million people in Europe died because of this plague.

Our four-step process to getting rid of fleas.

  1. Identification – What do fleas look like? What symptoms should you look for? In their development, fleas go through the four-stage life cycle i.e., Egg – Larvae – Pupa – Adult. Of these four stages, the most easily identifiable stage is the adult stage. Fleas are 1/16” long, brown in color, their bodies are vertically flat to help them easily maneuver through the hair of their host. Another symptom to keep an eye is on the pets. Pets like cats and dogs will keep on scratching themselves. Check for red bumps on the skin of pets. You may also have the red bumps fleas bite you.

  2. Inspection – We search through your pet’s fur with fingers or a comb for any signs of flea activity. We may see adult fleas trying to move away or we may see larvae. The pest’s skin may look red and bumpy. We check for flea feces on the pet’s skin. They look like tiny spots of dirt. Look at the picture below We check carpets. The fleas like to live in a warm place and the carpet provides good environment for them. We inspect the carpet thoroughly for live adult fleas, larvae or eggs. We use a powerful flashlight to inspect the carpet. We check pet bedding. If your pet has fleas, chances are that the fleas will be on the pet beddings. We inspect the pet bedding carefully using a powerful spotlight. We check the compound for fleas. We focus on shaded areas, areas with thick vegetation and moist areas.
  1. Extermination – If we have verified that you have a flea infestation, it is time to exterminate the fleas. We use the most advanced and effective chemicals to exterminate the fleas. The chemical we apply has residual action and will continue to control the fleas long after initial application. Even if new fleas are introduced from outside again, they will not take root because the chemicals we use has a formulation that blocks flea reproduction. We treat your pets and exterminate all fleas they harbor. We also treat the carpet, floors and all indoor areas. Furthermore, we fumigate your compound. Fleas are usually present in shaded areas of the compound. They also like to stay in areas with thick vegetation. We thoroughly fumigate all these areas. If you only trat the pet and leave out the compound, the pets will get the fleas again within a short period. It is important to treat all areas of the home.
  1. Prevention – We give you the tips on how to prevent fleas. Regular vacuuming of floors and furniture is one of the most effective ways to prevent fleas. Another important prevention tip is treating the pets on a regular basis. You can also sign up for one our Pest Maintenance Plans. Having a pest maintenance plan guarantees you regular pest inspection by pest experts.

What to Expect on the treatment day

A vetted and trained technician will arrive in an unmarked vehicle /PSV/bike/Uber for confidentiality

He’ll ask you general question with regard to history of the problem

We’ll do thorough inspection of fleas all over your home

We’ll execute our 4-step flea treatment protocol as indicated above

Agile Pest® backs up service with a 60-day warranty

Expect a follow up call from us to know how you are fairing on.




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