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professional pest control and fumigation services in runda, Nairobi

Runda is a suburb in Nairobi’s North that is home to some of the wealthiest people in Kenya. The term “RUNDA” is an abbreviation for “Reserved United Nations Development Area”, which was the name of a coffee estate situated in the area before residential homes were built. To the east is Kiambu road, to the west is Limuru road and to the south is Ruaka road. Runda is Separated from Nairobi City Centre by Karura forest.

Runda has sufficient social amenities including hospitals, schools, and shopping malls. Some of the educational institutions in this leafy suburb include SABIS International School, Brookhouse School Runda Campus, Potterhouse School, and The Kenya Teachers Training College. These schools are of international standards and offer a British curriculum. The shopping malls in Runda include Two rivers mall, Village Market, Rosslyn Riviera Mall, and a few others. In these malls, you can find almost anything you would want to buy. Other social amenities in the area include hotels like The Lord Erroll and a Sporting complex known as Wadi Degla Club Africa. All these social amenities make Runda a wonderful place to live. However, just like in Kitisuru, some pests bother the residents of Runda. Pests like Termites, Cockroaches, Rodents, and bedbugs are found in this posh estate. Agile Pest Control Company has been helping the residents of Runda to control pests.

Exceptional fumigation and pest control services in Runda

Contact Agile Pest Company for exceptional pest control services in Runda. We offer the following Pest Control services:

  • Bedbug Control
  • Snake Control
  • Cockroach Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Ant Control
  • Termite Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Bee Control

termite control services in runda

Many residents of Runda rely on our termite control services. We offer comprehensive and quality termite control services at affordable cost. We have the best equipment in the country to carry out termite extermination services with minimal damage to your compound. Moreover, we use the most effective and eco-friendly chemicals.

How to tell if you have Termite in your Runda Home

The reason termites have been referred to as “silent destroyers” is that they are not easily detected until they have done a lot of damage to the property. Termites are small insects that live in colonies and have distinct castes and feed on wood or other dead plant matter. The fact that they rarely come to the surface makes their detection difficult. You must identify termite infestation early because termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world. Book termite control services as soon as possible

Watch for the following signs of termites:

  1. Damaged wood – If you come across wood that sounds hollow when you tap, that may be a sign of termites. Termites eat the wood materials from the inside and inspecting the wood by tapping will reveal if it is damaged.
  2. Swarmers or discarded wings – Swarmers are reproductive members of a termite colony. During certain times of the year or season, they come out and fly away to form separate colonies. If you spot swarmers in your compound, it is an indication that a termite nest is nearby.
  3. Stuck Windows or Doors – Termites cause structural damage to structures. They may feed on the wood on the door and window frames, causing the remaining wood to warp. This makes it difficult for the windows and doors to open easily.
  4. Damage under Paint or Wallpaper – As they feed on wood paneling underneath the surface of the walls, termites create tunnels there. If you spot sunken areas on your walls, or narrow, sunken winding lines, it is a sign of termite presence.
  5. Mud Tubes – These are paths that termites create on the wall of structures. The mud tubes look like veins. Termites need a humid environment always and will create mud tubes to help them comfortably access food sources that are located in higher areas.
  6. Frass (Termite droppings) – Termites, like other living things, have to excrete waste. The Termite feces look like sawdust. If you spot termite frass near window frames, under the carpet, near posts, or other wooden structures, it is a sign of termite infestation. S
  7. Sagging ceiling- Termites will feed on wooden structures that support the ceiling, leading to a sagging ceiling. If your ceiling is wooden, termites will feed on it and cause certain areas of the ceiling to become weak and sag.
termite swarmer - pest control services

Termite Swarmer - If you spot this, seek for inspection or pest control services

Termites - termite control services

Termites - Book pest control services if you see this in your compound

window frame damaged by termites - pest control services in Kenya

Window frame destroyed by termites

Pest control and fumigation companies in Kenya that deal with termites in Runda

Many pest control companies in Kenya exterminate termites. Agile Pest Control company is the most reliable pest control and fumigation company that exterminates termites. Contact Agile Pest Control Company today for a free termite inspection.

bedbug control services in runda

Our bedbug control services in Runda are unparalleled. our technicians carry out a thorough bedbug inspection to identify all areas that are infested. After the identification, we use integrated pest management technique to effectively exterminate bedbugs from your home.  Apart from destroying all live bedbugs, we also destroy all the bedbug eggs to prevent re-infestation. Contact us today for the most effective bedbug control services in Runda.

The main causes of Bedbugs in Runda

Bedbugs know no boundary. From low-class areas in Nairobi like Mathare, and middle-class areas like Buruburu to affluent suburbs like Runda, you will find bedbugs. Bedbugs have taken advantage of modern ways of transport to spread. The modern ways of social life have also led to the spread of bedbugs. Below are the main causes of bedbugs in Runda.

  1. Taxi – The single biggest source of bedbugs in Runda is Taxis. Runda is not accessible by public means of transport like matatus. Many residents use private cars. However, taxi use has taken root in Runda. Many taxis in Nairobi are infested with bedbugs. When Runda residents use the taxi to move around the city for errands, bedbugs climb on them. At home, the bedbugs disembark and start to reproduce.
  2. Vacation – Runda residents are rich and often go on holidays and vacations worldwide. Many hotels in the world have bedbugs. As you have a wonderful moment partying on a vacation, bedbugs are climbing and getting into your clothes and luggage in the hotel room. When you travel home, the bedbugs hitch a ride, and sooner or later, you will be having a bedbug infestation at your Runda home.
  3. Friends – Runda residents are social and often invite friends to come over. Some friends may unknowingly be having bedbugs in their clothes or their belongings. Bedbugs reproduce at a high rate. A female bed bug will produce between 1- 7 eggs per day for about 10 days after a single blood meal. With an adult life span of about 18 months, you can see how much harm a single bedbug can cause to your home. Bed bug eggs hatch in 6-10 days and the nymph bed bug will go out to find its first blood meal immediately.

snake control services in runda

We offer reliable snake control services which include immediate snake removal, installation of snake repellants and advice on how to deal with snakes. If you spot a snake in your compound or you come across a snakeskin (the shed skin of a snake after molting), give us a call immediately so that we advice you on what to do before our experts arrive. 

cockroach control services in runda

We use special vacuums to suck up cockroaches from their hiding places. Using effective insecticides, we fumigate the certain safe-to-fumigate areas infested with cockroaches. Apart from that, we install gel baits that contain advanced formulations of insecticides to kill all the cockroach population in your house. 

Contact us today for the most effective cockroach control services in Runda.

Rat control services in runda

To get rid of rats and mice from your home, we use both chemical baits and mechanical devices. Mechanical devices include things like rat traps. We also install rodent bait stations at strategic places in your home. Our rodent control services have proven to be the most successful in the country. 

Contact us today for the best rat control services in Runda.

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