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About Agile Pest

Dear Customer, please allow me to introduce to you our company.
We are a professional pest control company in Nairobi. We’ve been helping clients in here to eradicate bedbugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other pests since 2007.

As your service provider, we understand that without you, none of us will be able to excel and succeed.

What to expect when you give us a call

When our phone rings, we recognize that you’ve got an issue you want us to address. We give you caring ears.

After one or two calls, you’ll feel like you are talking to a good friend of yours. In fact, we remember most of our clients by their first names.

A lot of your customers sign up for more than one service and have been served by the same technician for quite a while.

When you book for your service, we always shoot you a reminder call for each appointment and follow up to make sure everything runs smoothly and you are thrilled. If that’s not the case we do what’s humanly possible to make you happy.

Our technicians have been trained to offer quality, safe and thorough services every single time. So you can expect the best services and advice regarding any pest problem you may have. It’s the reason why we get lots of referrals and repeat business.

Thank you for choosing Agile Pest management.

In case you need help controlling any pest in your home, feel free to reach out

We Promise You

Professional Quality
Affordable Price
100% Satisfaction

That’s right! Truth is we are here because of you. Listening to you and giving you professional advice and services is our #1 goal. We endeavour to give you a tailored solution to every type of pest you are struggling with. For each service we do, we treat it like our own and the least you can expect from us is 100% satisfaction.


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