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Are you looking for advice or bed bugs control services in Kenya? Now that you are reading this, let me guess you are in one of the following categories:

  • You feel like something is biting you, never seen bed bugs before and don’t know how they look like or…
  • You’ve got an active bed bug infestation, and you’ve probably tried fighting them, and now you are wondering why they just don’t go away and leave you alone.

If you belong to the first category, read along as we discuss what they look like, how they move around, where to find them and so on.

If you’ve dealt with them before and you are looking for an effective way to control them, jump straight to the part that talks about “Our 3-Part Bed Bug Treatment Protocol” 

Bed Bug Basics

Bed bugs are non-flying, brown blood-sucking insects that primarily survive on a human blood meal. They have an oval shape and mature ones are the size of apple seeds. Bed bugs usually pounce on its host – mostly humans when they are sleeping, or resting on the sofa, or any other comfy place. When not active, bed bugs hide in the bed’s headboard, bed frames, under box springs, seams of mattress, cracks, and crevices in the room.

Bed Bugs by Numbers

  • 3 – Average eggs female bed bug lays per day
  • 10 – Number of days bed bug eggs take to hatch
  • 5 – Growth stages of bed bugs (also known as instar) till maturity.
  • 37 – Number of days bed bugs take to mature
  • 6 – Number of minutes bed bug takes to feed per session 

The truth about bed bug control

Getting rid of bed bugs completely isn’t easy. After helping clients control bed bugs for over 15 years, here’s the one reason we’ve identified that makes it hard to control them.

  • Most pesticides and solutions kill bed bugs only on contact. For the many years in professional pest control, I’ve never seen pesticide that has residual effect on bed bugs. Many pest control practitioners will try to convince you otherwise, but the truth is after they are done spraying and leaving your house, nothing remains that will help eliminate bed bugs that were hiding with their eggs when the operation was taking place.
Bed Bugs Control Services Nairobi Kenya

the battle -tested method... that works.

Our 3 - Part Bed bug Treatment Protocol

This treatment protocol uses the Integrated Pest Management method that is designed to kill live bed bugs, their eggs and to have a killing residual effect on those that remain after we step out of your house. We believe in empowering you as our customer and we’ll tell you exactly what we do. This process is effective and safe for your family, pets, and the environment. So here’s how it goes:

Part #1: Heat Treatment

The first thing we do is use heat. We inject hot air in every part of the wooden bed that bed bug may hide especially headboard, bed frames, under box spring, window curtain box, cracks, and crevices on the wall and corners of the room. The high temperature is designed to destroy bed bug eggs, bed bug larvae and kill mature bed bugs hiding there.

Part #2: Application of Instant Killing pyrethrum based chemical

The second step is to spray with a chemical that has an instant knock-down effect on bed bugs still crawling especially on seams of mattress and window curtains, and sofa sets in the seating room.

Part #3: Application of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a natural, non-toxic and organic substance that kills bed bugs and other pests that have oily cuticles and exoskeletons like cockroaches and spiders. DE usually works excellently when combined with other methods in an Integrated Pest Management procedure. 

DE is derived from fossilized sea creatures called diatoms. It is a dry powder-like substance that kills pests by absorbing oils and fats from their bodies. Bed bugs cannot create resistance to DE.

The procedure above guarantees complete eradication of bed bugs from your home.

This procedure takes between 2-3 hours with minimal disturbance to your daily routine.

You step outside and come back to your bug-free house after about 2 hours.

Our technicians are highly trained and come in an unmarked vehicle for your

What to Expect on the treatment day

A vetted and trained technician will arrive in an unmarked vehicle /PSV/bike/Uber for confidentiality

He’ll ask you general question with regard to history of the problem

We’ll do thorough inspection of the rooms starting with bed rooms

We’ll execute our 3-part bed bug treatment protocol as indicated above

Step back into your bug free and odour free house after 2 hours

You’ll be expected to open windows and doors (if possible) for 1 hour so the fumes settles.

Agile Pest® backs up service with a 60-day warranty

Expect a follow up call from us to know how you are fairing on.



pricing (Ksh.)

BEDSITTER – 5500 5000

1 BEDROOM – 6500 6000

2 BEDROOM – 7500 7000

3 BEDROOM – 8500 8000

4 BEDROOM – 9500 9000

5 BEDROOM – 10500 10000

pay via lipa Na Mpesa: buy goods Till No: 5242351

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