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Are you tired with unending rats and mice fight at your house or business? From food contamination, economic damages to surprising diseases, rats are very dangerous rodents.
We, Agile Pest, are here to help you. Before we talk about our solution, let's share some info about rats.

What are the types of rats and mice common in Kenya?

In Kenya,there are about 3 types of this creatures you can encounter at anytime.
#1. The Brown (Norway) Rat
The most common and the biggest of the three. It has a reddish brown coarse fur, heavily set
body, blunt nose, small ears, and a short tail.
Adult males can weigh up to 0.45 kgs. It’s a fast breeder littering up to 6 times a year with 8-12
young ones every time.
It takes about 3 months for them to mature.
The brown rat is a master burrower and it likes staying under foundations, and dump sites
outdoors. But you can also find it inside the house, usually concealed behind cabinets, shelving
or under books.
#2. Black (Roof) Rat
As their name suggests, these ones have black fur with a grey underbelly. They are slightly
smaller than the Brown rats, have larger ears, sharp or pointed nose, and their tails are usually
longer than body and head combined.
Males weigh up to 0.34kgs.
It’s hard to find them underground like their brown counterparts. They, in fact, staying indoors in
the attic, roof, between wall cabinets, cardboard and any other place they deem concealed
#3. House Mice
Mice are identified using size always. They are the small and slender body, medium-sized ears,
small legs and they are pretty fast.
Their nose is usually sharp and visible whiskers.
They stay in darker places indoors like behind cabinets, under furniture or even next to stored

types of rats in kenya

How Bad are rats and mice?

Specifically, here are some of the negative effects rodents put us through:
1. Diseases: Rodents carry diseases and spread them through contact with urine, feces,
and saliva. They are also hosts to dangerous pests like fleas known to be vectors of
serious ailments and hey, even being bitten by this creatures is real trouble as well.
Some of diseases rats and mice spread include:
● Salmonellosis
● Listeria
● Hantavirus
● Rat Bite Fever
● Bubonic Plague
2. Economic Damages: incisors teeth in rats can grow up 5 inches per year. To prevent
overgrowth, rats chew on items like wood, plastic, clothes, and rubber. Growing electricity
Cables can lead to fires. In fact, 25% of unidentified fires are attributed to rats.
Rats can use their teeth to create openings that let them access items in the commercial

Simple ways for Getting Rid of Rats and Mice

There’s only one thing that will make rodents come into your house or business:
So the easiest way to control rats and mice is then to cut their food supply.
How do you do this?
Here’s what you can do:
1. Wipe food debris from food prepration areas, put leftover food in an air tight bin and
avoid leaving any food items open in the packaging.
2. Install rodent proof exclusion systems like insect screen in windows to prevent rats from
making their way in.
3. Seal rodent holes inside and along the outside wall/foundation of your house.
4. Food items in the store should be suspended at 1 ft above the ground and rat proof put
at the foot of the suspension materials.
5. If you suspect an active infestation, use rodent traps, baits or recommended poison to
control them – if you kill them by poison remember to remove dead rodents before they
decompose and disinfect the place properly.
6. The house should be cleaned regularly and items organized well.

What to Expect on the treatment day

A vetted and trained technician will arrive in an unmarked vehicle /PSV/bike/Uber for confidentiality

He’ll ask you general question with regard to history of the problem

We’ll do thorough inspection of your home or business.

We’ll execute the setting up of rat traps and poison where necessary

Step back into your house after 30 mins

Agile Pest® backs up service with a 60-day warranty

Expect a follow up call from us in 7 days to know how you are fairing on.

pricing (Ksh.)

ONE ROOM – 2500 2000

BEDSITTER – 3000 2800

1 BEDROOM – 4500 4200

2 BEDROOM – 5500 5200

3 BEDROOM – 6500 6300

4 BEDROOM – 7500 7300

5 BEDROOM – 8500 8300

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Rat control services in Runda

runda rat control services

Runda is a suburb of the wealthy. The residents of this place enjoy excellent social amenities like the provision of water and other essential services. Security is high, and access is restricted. If you are not a resident, you will likely need a pass to access the estate. But not pests don’t need or ask for a pass. Rats have found a way to access and thrive in Runda.

At Agile Pest control company, we have provided rat control services to residents of areas like Old Runda, Closeburn Estate, New Runda, Whispers, Mimosa, and many other places in Runda.

We offer the most comprehensive rat control services in Runda, which include inspection, extermination, and rat protection services.

Contact us today for the best rat control services in Runda.

Rat control services in Westlands

Many people in Nairobi County are relocating to Westlands because of the good social amenities available in the area. If you fall sick in Westlands, there are many hospitals you can go to seek health services. Medanta Africare, Westlands Laser Eye Hospital, Avenue Hospital, and MP Shah Hospital are all world-class health facilities you will find in this affluent area.

As people move to Westlands, so do rats. The rat population has been on the increase in Westlands over the last decade. Due to the health risks associated with rats, it is important to control them as soon as possible. Agile pest control company has been offering fantastic rat control services to residents of Westlands for more than 15 years now. Reach out to Agile Pest today.

Rat control services in Muthaiga

This affluent neighborhood is famous for golf. It is the home of Muthaiga Golf Club, one of the oldest golf clubs in Kenya. Former president Mwai Kibaki loved living in his Muthaiga home. Despite the government spending 400 million shillings to build him a palatial home in Mweiga, Nyeri, Kibaki preferred to stay in Muthaiga.

Kibaki and his rich neighbors were not the only ones who found Muthaiga a favorable place to inhabit. Rats also find this place great to live in. The sewer lines and thick bushes found here provide hiding places for rats.

Rats can get into your store and contaminate the food stored there. If you suspect that you have a rat infestation in your Muthaiga home, reach out to us. We offer exceptional rat control services in Muthaiga.

Rat control services in Kitisuru

Kitisuru provides a serene environment for those who love peace and tranquility. It is among the best places to live because it is close to Nairobi Central Business District and it has a low population density. Residents here enjoy fantastic social amenities.

The black rat is the most widespread rat species in Kitisuru. However, the Brown rat is also found here in significant numbers. If you see rat droppings under the sink, in drawers, or cupboards, you probably have a rat infestation. Contact us for top-notch rat control services in Kitisuru.

Rat control services in Karen

Karen is home to some of the wealthiest Kenyans. This neighborhood also hosts the residence of the deputy president of Kenya. Expatriates like to stay in this area because of the high standard of living the suburb provides. Karen is one of the most secure places in Nairobi because of frequent patrols by security officers.

Rat species like the brown rat and the Black rat thrive in Karen. If you have ever had to remove a drowned rat from your swimming pool in Karen, there is a high probability that rats are around. Check out for other signs like burrows in your yard. If you suspect that rats are unwanted guests in your Karen home, call us today. We will come and carry out a detailed inspection. We provide outstanding rat control services in Karen.

Rat control services in Lavington

Lavington area is one of the best places to live in Nairobi. The area is home to many politicians in Kenya. However, politicians are not the only residents of this leafy suburb. Rats are also present, and they have thrived here for decades.

If your cat brings home rat carcasses, chances are that you have a rat infestation. Book our rat control services today. We will get rid of rats from your Lavington home within the shortest time possible.

Rat control services in Kileleshwa

Kileleshwa is a great place to live in Nairobi. It is not far from Nairobi Central Business District and it is easily accessible by public means of transport. Famous schools like the top-performing Light Academy are found here.

Rats also find Kileleshwa a great place to live. Some tips to control mice and rats include keeping living spaces clean and eliminating potential nesting areas. To get rid of rats in Kileleshwa, contact Agile Pest control Company. Rat control services in Kileleshwa form an integral part of the pest control services that we offer in Nairobi. Contact us today for effective rat control services in Kileleshwa.

Rat control services in Gigiri

Gigiri is a posh neighborhood that provides excellent living conditions for its residents. It is one of the most secure areas in Nairobi.

Rats have found a way to adapt and thrive in Gigiri. Here, you will find both the Black rat and the Brown rat. Rats are dangerous pests to have around. You can get diseases through contact with rat feces, urine, or saliva.

Contact us today to get superb rat control services in Gigiri.

Rat control services in Nyayo Estate

Located in Embakasi, Nyayo Estate is one of the best-managed gated communities in Kenya. The management ensures the provision of essential services like security and waste management.

The Brown rat is the most common rat species found in this middle-income estate. Call us today for the best plans on rat control services in Nyayo Estate.

Rat control services in Donholm

The most common species of rats found in Donholm are the Brown rat and the Black rat. Donholm is a densely populated area. Rats thrive in areas with a high human population like Donholm because of high amounts of food that are thrown away in trashcans or dustbins.

Rats carry many dangerous diseases like Hantavirus and Tularemia. It is therefore important to ensure that rats don’t overrun your house. One of the most effective methods to get rid of rats is to call in pest control experts. If you have an active rat infestation, Contact us today. We use the most effective and efficient techniques to get rid of rats.

Rat control services in Kenya

We offer brilliant rat control services all over the country. Contact us today.

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