Professional Cleaning Services

Post Fumigation Cleaning

We also offer home cleaning services on Sofas, Curtains, Clothes, Duvet, Carpets and bed sheets. We collect from your home, wash, iron and deliver them back to your house.
After fumigation it is important to clean all your linen and mattress in your house to ensure that all your linen and upholstery are bedbug free. The best part is that we offer this cleaning service and we use steam cleaning procedure to clean your linen upholstery mattresses, carpets and sofas.
Steam cleaning will kill both bedbugs and their eggs without use of dangerous chemicals. It also kills dust mites that may be present and removes dirt from your mattress.
Leave your troubles with us. We will fumigate and clean your premises professionally all under one roof. Treat yourself and experience a healthier and cleaner home!

pricing (Ksh.)

Home floor and surface – 130/sq metre.
Office Cleaning – 40/- sq.f
Sofas – 5 Seater – 4000/-
            -7 Seater – 5500/-
           -L Shaped – 4000/-
           – Puff – 400/-
           – Dining – 200/-
3*6 – 2100
4*6 – 2500
5*6 – 3000
6*6 – 3500
Fluffy/Jute – 30/- per sq.f
Woolen – 40/- per sq.f
Saloon Car – 3600/-
Double cabin – 4600/-
Tour van – 6500/-
Mini bus – 10,000/-
Large Bus – 21,000/-


Cleaning Services We Provide

Office Cleaning Leisure Clubs & Halls Eateries & Kitchens
Initial Cleans Deep Cleans Builders & Sparkle Cleans
Wash Rooms Floor Cleaning Courtyard
Public/Employee Restroom Trash Cleanup Surface Cleaning

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