Why Pest Control is Deemed an Assential Service in Nairobi

Health and safety are arguably the most important aspects of human life. Without good health, many other activities that you would participate in will come to a stop. Pests are a big threat to human health. Pests like rodents and cockroaches carry bacteria, parasites, and pathogens that can cause fatal diseases in humans.

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, had a population of 4,397,073 in the 2019 census. Nairobi metropolitan area has a population of 9,354,580. The high population density in Nairobi and Nairobi metropolitan areas attracts various pests. Pests like rodents and cockroaches thrive in densely populated areas due to the abundance of food in these areas. Nairobi harbors a large variety of pests. These pests have to be controlled because they pose a significant danger to human health.

Fumigation and pest control companies in Nairobi

Pest control is an essential service, and therefore, many pest control companies exist in Nairobi to offer this critical service. Examples include Agile Pest, Rentokil, and gmfumigators. Among all pest control and fumigation companies in Nairobi, Agile Pest Control Company is undoubtedly the best.  Many residents of Nairobi trust and rely on the services of Agile Pest Control Company to deal with pests bothering them.

The 4 main types of pests in Nairobi

  1. Rodents

Rodents are mammals like rats, mice, squirrels, and porcupines. They have one pair of incisors in each jaw. The incisors grow continuously. Rodents prefer to eat plant foods like grains and seeds. However, rats and mice are omnivores and can eat just about anything that humans eat.

Currently, there is a large rat infestation in many parts of Nairobi. This is attributed to the abundance of food. You will find trash heaps beside many Nairobi roads due to poor planning of waste management. These trash heaps contain lots of food and provide perfect homes for rats.

Rats spread dangerous diseases like Salmonella, Hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and plague among others. Rat control is thus an essential service in Nairobi. Agile Pest Control Company uses an integrated pest management approach to effectively control the rats. Contact us today for rodent control service.

  1. Bedbugs

Most residents of Nairobi have had to deal with bedbug infestation at one point in their life in the city. Bedbugs are small, brownish insects that feed on the blood of animals or humans. They are the most hated type of pest in Nairobi.

Matatus are the number one spreaders of bedbugs in Nairobi. To get to work, most residents of the city rely on public means of transport like matatus. As a majority of these matatus are infested with bedbugs, there has been an introduction of these blood-suckers to many homes.  

Fumigation and pest control companies in Nairobi deal with bedbug infestations every day. Agile Pest Control Company exterminates bedbugs across the city effectively and efficiently. Contact us today for a free quote on bedbug extermination. 

  1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are small insects of the order Blattodea. They have flat, broad bodies and long antennae. The types found in Kenya include the American Cockroach, the Oriental Cockroach, and the German Cockroach. You will find the German Cockroach in most Nairobi homes.

Nairobi provides the perfect environment for cockroaches. Cockroaches need 3 basic needs: food, water, and shelter. They find these basic needs readily available in Nairobi, hence, they have thrived, reproduced, and infested most parts of the city. Cockroaches transmit many diseases to humans, for example, cholera, dysentery, salmonellosis, and typhoid fever. Moreover, cockroaches have allergens that exacerbate breathing problems in asthmatic people. It is therefore essential that Nairobi residents control cockroaches.

After a thorough inspection, many pest control and fumigation companies in Kenya use insecticides to kill cockroaches. At Agile Pest Control Company, we deploy gel baits containing strong and long-lasting insecticides. The cockroaches will spread the insecticide from one cockroach to another and throughout the whole colony, resulting in quick extermination. Contact us today for cockroach control services.

  1. Termites

Termites are another type of pest found in Nairobi. Residents in leafy suburbs like Kitisuru, Lavington, Runda, Muthaiga, and Karen often deal with termite infestations.

Termites damage properties and make structures unsafe for occupancy. They are not easily spotted until substantial property damage has been done. This is why they are often referred to as “silent destroyers”. Early detection and control of termites are crucial measures.

Pest control and fumigation companies in Kenya offer their clients termite protection plans, which often include inspections at agreed intervals. Termite inspections can be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Agile Pest Control Company has the best termite protection plans in Kenya. Contact us today.

The most important pest management step

The most vital pest management step is inspection. It is only after a detailed and thorough inspection that pest exterminators can design and develop the most effective control strategies. Pest inspection enables both the homeowner and the pest professionals to know the extent of the problem. It also guides in identifying vulnerabilities and conditions that attract pests. At Agile Pest Control Company, we do not simply rush through the inspection stage of pest control. We take a sufficient amount of time to conduct a thorough inspection of your property. We inspect both the inside and outside of the house. We inspect the roof, the walls, the kitchen, the basement, and all other pest hot spots. Contact us today and get a 10% discount.

How to keep your home pest free

There are many strategies you can use to keep your home pest free.

  1. Keep your home and kitchen clean

As you are asleep at night, various types of pests like rodents and cockroaches scout through the floor of your house for food crumbs.  Lots of food crumbs on the floor attract pests to your home, and sooner or later, you will find yourself dealing with a large infestation. One of the most effective strategies for keeping your home pest free is to ensure that your home and kitchen are always sparkling clean.

  1. Maintain your yard

Rats and mosquitoes thrive in poorly maintained yards. Tall grass and bushes around your house provide a home and hiding place for pests. Keep the pests away by trimming grass and bush frequently.

  1. Seal cracks and openings

Many pests access your house through cracks and openings in the house. To keep the pests away, ensure that you look for all cracks and openings in your house and seal all of them.

  1. Clean the trash bins

Cockroaches thrive on food that they find in trash bins. Keep pests away by disposing off the waste in trash bins and cleaning the trash bins with soap and water frequently.

  1. Create bug-barriers

Keep pests away from your house by installing screens in doors, windows, and other openings around your house like ventilation vents. It is also important to caulk around windows and doors.

Pest control and fumigation companies in Kenya

Many pest control and fumigation companies in Kenya help their clients keep their homes pest free. At Agile Pest Control Company, we have been helping our clients keep their homes pest free for many years. Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep your home pest free.

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