Termites _ Signs of pests

Could you be living with pests in your home without your knowledge? Many people only realize that they have pests in their households when the infestation has become large. You must know the signs to look out for and to keep pests at bay.

It can take a long period for you to discover that you have bedbugs. Bedbugs are small in size and they know how to hide well. While some people react to bedbug bites, others do not. If your body does not react to bedbug bites, you may not notice that something is biting you at night. Bedbug bites occur in the face, neck, arms, and hands. They look like small bumps or inflamed spots. They are itchy and you may find yourself scratching the place often. If you have itchy bumps and suspect that you might be having bedbugs, look out for other bedbug signs. Take a closer look at your bedsheets. If you see blood stains on the bedsheets, that’s a red flag. Moreover, have a look at your mattress. If you discover dark, rusty-colored spots on it, it could be a sign that bedbugs are present in your bedroom. Another sign to look out for is an unfamiliar musty odor. If a visiting friend tells you that your house has a musty odor, don’t just end the conversation there. It could be a sign that you have bedbugs. Look out for bedbugs and bedbug eggs. Bedbugs like to stay near their feeding ground. You are most likely to find them in the bedroom. Use a spotlight to inspect the bed for live bedbugs and bedbug eggs. Remember to check any furniture that is near the bed. If you spot bedbugs, call in Pest Control Experts to come and exterminate the bedbugs. If you live in a rental house that is adjacent to or in contact with other rental houses, notify the landlord about the infestation. Your neighbors could also be having bedbugs and they must control the infestation in their houses as well. If they don’t, then there is a high chance that the bedbugs will spread to all the houses again. Politely ask the landlord to seek for bedbug control services as soon as possible. 

Rats and mice can be a real menace if they infest your home. Rats will come to your home as they look mainly for food. If rats find out that there is a constant supply of food in a certain place, they will settle on that place. They will build nests and start breeding; hence, the population will increase fast. If you spot small droppings in the back of drawers and cabinets, it is a sign that you have rats in your house. Rats defecate and urinate in places where they stay. This creates odors that are easy to detect. If you smell a foul odor in your house, carry out a further investigation to find out if it is rats that are bringing the odor. Another sign to look out for is gnawing marks. The teeth of rats grow continuously and to keep these teeth at the right length, rats have to chew stuff. They chew anything – metals, plastic, wood, clothes, etc.

Termites are one of the most destructive pests. Annually, they cause losses worth millions of shillings to Kenyans. It is vital to know how to control termites. One of the most important things to do to protect yourself from huge losses caused by termites is to watch out for signs of termite infestation. At the onset of rainfall, you might see termite swarmers known as alates (‘Kumbe kumbe’ in Kiswahili). The presence of these swarmers may indicate that there is a termite colony nearby. Another sign to look out for is mud tubes. Termites construct paths if they want to exploit food sources that are not in contact with the ground. These paths are constructed using mud and are usually the size of a pencil or sometimes larger. Inspect the walls of your house and structures carefully. If you spot the mud tubes, it is a sure sign that termites are on your premises. Contact pest control professionals to come and deal with the termites. If you are walking along your compound or garden and you suddenly hear strange synchronized sounds from the ground, take a closer look. When disturbed, termites bang their heads or bodies against objects. With a closer look, you will see the tiny termites shaking and banging their heads. Another sign to check out is termite droppings (frass). Termites usually expel the frass from their entry points in the wood. Over a certain period, the frass will pile up and will be easily visible. Borate spray can be effective at preventing the wood from termite damage. Make the borate solution by mixing the chemical and water by following the instructions on the labels. Thereafter, spray all around the wood, ensuring good coverage. When the termites feed on the treated wood, the borate will interfere with their metabolic functions and they will eventually die. If you’d like to put up structures in areas that are prone to termites, contact pest control professionals to come and carry out pre-construction treatment.

Some pests like cockroaches are usually nocturnal and it is difficult to spot them. Your best bet will be to look for the signs of their presence. One sign is an unpleasant odor. Cockroach droppings have an unpleasant musty smell. Another sign to look out for is cockroach eggs. Cockroaches carry their eggs in capsules known as oothecae. They will drop these egg capsules in places near food sources like near the dust bin or the kitchen. Another sign is shed skin. Cockroaches shed their skin several times in their lifetime. If you spot the shed skin, chances are that you have a cockroach infestation. You can try DIY pest control or professional pest control. Whichever way, ensure the pests are controlled before the infestation become too large.

Generally, many types of pests construct dwellings and homes where they live, breed, and bring up their offspring. One of the surest signs of a pest infestation is the presence of nests. Ants, termites, birds, rodents, wasps, and many other types of pests construct nests. Inspect your property for pest nests. Some pests like ants construct elaborate nests that are made up of numerous tunnels underground. To control the ants, all such nests must be dealt with.

To sum up, it is important to constantly be on the lookout for pests. Pests encroach on your property slowly through various routes and being vigilant is one of the most important tasks to do as a homeowner. Implement pest control measures and contact pest control professionals for advanced prevention and control measures.

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