Dangers Cockroaches Pose in Kenyan Homes

Pest control and fumigation companies in Kenya frequently help their clients deal with cockroaches. Kenya, being a tropical country, has a warm climate that is favorable for cockroaches. Many homes in Nairobi and the rest of the country are invaded by cockroaches.

Cockroaches are generalized insects with few special adaptations. They have a relatively small head and a broad flattened body. Most species are reddish-brown to dark brown. There are many types of cockroaches but the main types found in Kenya include the American cockroach, the German cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. Of these three types, the most common one in the country’s households is the German cockroach. The German cockroach is resistant to many pesticides and is highly prolific. It thrives in densely populated areas like Nairobi, Mombasa, and other Kenyan towns.

How do you identify the type of pest in the roof?

The type of pest in the roof can be distinguished from others by various signs. The time of day or night that you hear the scratching sounds will give you a clue on the type of pest making the sound. If you hear the scratching sounds mainly at night, then those sounds are likely caused by rats. Rats are nocturnal animals and are usually very active at night. When darkness sets in, you will hear them run across the ceiling as they chase each other, play, mate, and gnaw stuff up there.

If you hear the scratching sounds mainly during the daytime, then the culprit could be squirrels or birds. Birds can make nests in your ceiling and you will hear scratching sounds as they move around on your roof. The roof is a favorite nesting place for pigeons.

The surest way to identify the source of scratching sounds in your roof is to contact professional pest exterminators to come and inspect. Pest control and fumigation companies in Kenya have experts who are experienced in identifying the type of pest making scratching sounds on roofs. They have the tools and equipment to safely carry out a thorough search of the ceiling. It would be dangerous for a non-expert trying to find out the source of the scratching sound if, for instance, it is a snake moving about on the roof. A pest control company in Kenya like Agile Pest Control Company has many years of experience dealing with pests that reside on the roof. Contact us today and we will come to do a thorough inspection of your roof.

What cockroaches eat

Cockroaches eat both plants and animals. They are opportunistic feeders and can find what to eat in almost any environment where humans live. However, cockroaches prefer to eat starches, greasy foods, meat, and sweets. They eat anything organic.

Cockroaches prefer to live where there is plenty of food around, for example in kitchens and restaurants. They will eat most foods you can find in a kitchen, for example, rice, ugali, cheese, bread, meat, sugar, mandazi, and many other foods.

Fumigation and pest control companies in Kenya that exterminate cockroaches

There are several pest control and fumigation companies in Kenya that you can contact to come and solve your cockroach problem. Agile Pest Control Company offers guaranteed services that you can rely on.

When do cockroaches eat

Cockroaches are most active during the night. They are afraid of the light.

About three to four hours after switching off the lights and sleep, the cockroaches come out from their hiding places. They will then move around the house as they look for food crumbs on the floor and anything they can eat. As morning approaches, the cockroaches quickly move back to their hiding places.

If the cockroach population is high and their food source is scarce, they may come out in the daytime. If you see cockroaches moving about your house in the daytime, it is an indication that the infestation has become really large. Contact professional pest experts like Agile Pest Control Company to come and exterminate the pests.

Where cockroaches are found

Cockroaches exhibit social behavior. They aggregate in one place as they follow group dynamics and collective decision-making. If sufficient numbers of cockroaches are in one place, another cockroach is likely to join the group. That is why you may open a drawer in the kitchen and find a large group of cockroaches in there.

Cockroaches prefer to live in warm areas of a building. They will also like it if the place is dark, close to a food source, and has little or no human disturbance. They can be found in cabinets, under the refrigerator, behind furniture, inside appliances like a microwave oven, and almost anywhere where there is low light.

Outside the house, cockroaches can be found at dump sites, around rotting trees, in rotting vegetables, and sewers. They carry harmful bacteria and other pathogens from these dirty places into your home. It is thus essential that you keep cockroaches away from your house. Fumigation companies in Kenya have effective solutions against cockroaches. Contact Agile Pest Control Company for top-notch services in the control of cockroaches.

Health problems caused by cockroaches

Many people become sick because of infections that originate from cockroaches. Cockroaches carry harmful parasites, bacteria, and other pathogens. They get these disease-causing agents from the dirty places they live, for example, dumpsites and sewers.

The disease-causing agents that cockroaches carry around the house can cause diseases like cholera, dysentery, E. coli, urinary tract infections, sepsis, salmonella, and digestive system infections among others. Although there are many other causes of these diseases, for instance, poor sanitation, cockroaches play a significant role in their spread.

  1. coli is a type of bacteria that lives in human intestines. Most strains are harmless. However, cockroaches usually carry harmful strains of E. coli that cause diarrhea.

Dysentery is an infection of the intestines that is caused by bacteria or parasites. It causes diarrhea containing blood or mucus. The bacteria that cause dysentery are carried by cockroaches.

If you get diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, don’t be quick to accuse your partner of infidelity. The culprit could be the cockroaches roaming around your house. Cockroaches carry a bacterium called pseudomonas aeruginosa that causes urinary tract infections. Enterococcus, a bacterium that also causes urinary tract infections, is harbored by cockroaches too.

Another health problem caused by cockroaches is that they aggravate respiratory problems. Cockroaches have allergens that make Asthma symptoms worse. They shed body parts that contain allergens. Cockroach saliva also contains allergens that can cause sneezing and watery eyes. If any member of your household is Asthmatic, ensure that you exterminate cockroaches from the house as soon as possible. Contact a pest control and fumigation company in Kenya like Agile Pest Control Company for the immediate extermination of cockroaches. Don’t be surprised if you have had several failed attempts to eliminate these filthy pests using readily available household pesticides. That failure is probably due to insecticide resistance by the cockroaches. German cockroach, which is the most common type of cockroach in Kenya, has become resistant to most insecticides found in the country. The current effective insecticides are dangerous and are only licensed to be handled by professional pest exterminators like Agile Pest Control Company. Contact us today and get a 10% discount.

Another serious health concern of cockroaches is that they cause food contamination. If you live your food open, cockroaches will feed on it and contaminate it with harmful disease-causing agents. Cockroaches also walk over surfaces that are used to prepare food. They contaminate these surfaces with bacteria, thus causing food-borne diseases like cholera and gastroenteritis.

To sum up, you can see how cockroaches pose problems to Kenyan homes, from causing diseases to causing allergies and worsening symptoms of Asthmatic patients. They are hardy and breed quickly. They are resistant to most household pesticides and can survive for months without feeding.

At Agile Pest Control Company, we have developed robust techniques that will guarantee you excellent results in eliminating cockroaches. Contact us today.

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