What is the Scratching sound on my Roof?

Many people are usually shocked when they suddenly hear scratching sounds on their roofs. The scratching sounds in your roof can be caused by many things.

A roof with a ceiling can harbor many types of pests. Examples of pests that can live on your ceiling include birds, mice, rats, squirrels, cockroaches, lizards, snakes, and wasps among others. These pests like the ceiling because it is a fantastic environment for them. It is sheltered from weather elements like rain and wind, it is warm, and it is not frequented by humans. Therefore, the pests find the ceiling a perfect home and they live and breed there.

How do you identify the type of pest in the roof?

The type of pest in the roof can be distinguished from others by various signs. The time of day or night that you hear the scratching sounds will give you a clue on the type of pest making the sound. If you hear the scratching sounds mainly at night, then those sounds are likely caused by rats. Rats are nocturnal animals and are usually very active at night. When darkness sets in, you will hear them run across the ceiling as they chase each other, play, mate, and gnaw stuff up there.

If you hear the scratching sounds mainly during the daytime, then the culprit could be squirrels or birds. Birds can make nests in your ceiling and you will hear scratching sounds as they move around on your roof. The roof is a favorite nesting place for pigeons.

The surest way to identify the source of scratching sounds in your roof is to contact professional pest exterminators to come and inspect. Pest control and fumigation companies in Kenya have experts who are experienced in identifying the type of pest making scratching sounds on roofs. They have the tools and equipment to safely carry out a thorough search of the ceiling. It would be dangerous for a non-expert trying to find out the source of the scratching sound if, for instance, it is a snake moving about on the roof. A pest control company in Kenya like Agile Pest Control Company has many years of experience dealing with pests that reside on the roof. Contact us today and we will come to do a thorough inspection of your roof.

How do pests get on the roof?

There are various ways in which pests get on the roof.

Pests can access the ceiling through cracks and small openings in the upper parts of a house. Pests like squirrels and lizards can easily squeeze through very small openings and get into the ceiling.

Pests can also access your ceiling by crossing over from a neighbor’s ceiling. Some buildings have shared ceilings; thus, pests can move across freely.

Another access route is the chimney. The chimney is a favorite entry point for birds and bats.

The drain pipes are also another entry point for pests into the roof. Rats and other rodents can climb the drain pipes and get into the ceiling.

What to do with the scratching noise on the roof?

The sounds on your roof are not something to ignore. Give it three or four days to see the persistence and consistency of the sounds.

If the sounds are persistent and you are having difficulties identifying the source, contact professional pest exterminators without delay. A pest control company will send staff to come over and inspect. They will thereafter get rid of the pests causing the sounds. Agile Pest Control Company offers affordable pest control services which include dealing with unknown roof sounds.

Why are pests on my roof a problem?

The pests on the roof pose many dangers.

  1. Fire hazard.

If the type of pest making a scratching sound on the roof is rats, then there is a danger of fire hazard. Rats gnaw at things to keep their teeth from growing too long. They will chew the electric cables which are usually in the ceiling. This exposes the cables and when an exposed live and neural cable comes into contact, the result is a spark that can cause a fire. Contact professional pest exterminators like Agile Pest Control Company to come and exterminate the rats before they cause a fire in your house.

  1. Diseases

Droppings of rats can cause diseases like Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, and Salmonellosis. You can get Hantavirus if you are exposed to rat droppings or urine. You can get Salmonellosis if you consume food that is contaminated by rat droppings.

Apart from rats, birds on your roof can also spread diseases. There are more than 60 diseases spread by birds. Examples include Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, and Cryptococcosis. Pigeons spread candidiasis, which is a fungus infection that affects the respiratory system, the urogenital tract, the mouth, and the skin. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease that is caused by a fungus that grows in dried bird droppings. Cryptococcosis is a life-threatening fungal infection that begins in the respiratory tract and spreads to the central nervous system. The yeast that causes Cryptococcosis is found in the intestinal tract of pigeons and other birds.

Evade these diseases by calling in professional pest control experts to come and deal with the pests on your roof. Agile Pest Control Company offers guaranteed pest control services in Nairobi and all parts of Kenya.

  1. Annoyance

The scratching sounds in the roof can really be bugging. This is especially true because the sounds increase at night and cause a disturbance at a time when people are about to sleep. The scratching sounds can also be a problem if you work from home. Some jobs require you to have a quiet environment, yet the pests on the roof make noise and disturb you as you work.

Avoid the annoyance by contacting a fumigation and pest control company in Kenya like Agile Pest Control Company. With many years of experience in dealing with annoying roof sounds, Agile Pest Control Company is your best bet.

  1. Bring in other pests

The side effect of one type of pest is that it can cause other types to invade your house. For example, birds that live on your roof can bring in fleas. The rodents that live in the ceiling can bring in snakes. Rats are a favorite prey for snakes, thus the snakes will follow them wherever they go.

You can see why it is important to control pests as soon as possible. The pests that cause the sounds in your roof can quickly lead to other more dangerous pests coming in. Contact a fumigation and pest control company to come and deal with the pest before they bring in other pests. Agile Pest Control Company uses an integrated pest management approach to deal with any pest that may be living on your roof.

Can the scratching noise in my roof go away on its own?

Yes, sometimes. For instance, rats could be migrating and your ceiling is part of their route. If that is the case, then the sounds will no longer be there when the rats have passed. Another example is if the rats are scouting for a new home. They may live in your ceiling for a few days and move away if they don’t find the place nice.

However, the scratching noise in your roof will not go away in many instances unless you deal with the pests that are causing the sounds.

Pest control and fumigation companies in Kenya have the equipment and the necessary expertise to deal with any scratching sound on your roof. Contact Agile Pest Control Company and say goodbye to those annoying roof sounds today.

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