Tackling The German Cockroach

The German Cockroach

The German cockroach is the most common type of cockroach in Kenya. It is one of the most difficult cockroach types to deal with. Many homeowners have run out of ideas on how to deal with this resilient pest. This is mainly because German cockroach is resistant to many insecticides that are used to control cockroaches. Many cockroach gel baits sold in shops in Kenya are not effective against this resistant and tough species of cockroach. What makes matters worse is that the German cockroach reproduces quickly, hence the cockroach population in your household will become large within a short period.

How to identify the German cockroach

To ordinary Kenyans, a cockroach is a cockroach. Apart from pest experts, not many citizens can easily distinguish between the different types of cockroaches. Here’s how you can identify the German cockroach. The German cockroach is less than 0.6 inches in size. Its color is tan or light brown. In terms of behavior, they are nocturnal and prefer to stay in dark hideouts during the day. At night, they become active and start moving about, looking for something to eat.

Signs That You Have a German Cockroach Infestation

As noted above, German cockroaches are nocturnal insects and you will not easily see them during the daytime. However, the fact that you can’t see them move about does not mean that they are not present. As many homes in Nairobi have cockroach infestations, you need to be keen. Inspect the house to see if there are signs of cockroaches. Inspect for their droppings in openings in walls and near food sources. The droppings appear like dark stains. German cockroaches emit an odor. The presence of a musty odor in your house may indicate you have German cockroaches around. If the cockroaches have become many and are reproducing, you may see their eggs. During reproduction, a female German cockroach develops an ootheca in her abdomen. This egg casing grows bigger and bigger as the eggs inside develop. Initially, the ootheca is translucent but it becomes dark red-brown after about 48 hrs. The female may drop this egg casing in the sink, countertop, floor, cabinet, baseboards, and in many other places. If you see this egg casing, it means that you have cockroaches around. Another obvious sign of the German cockroach is the presence of live cockroaches in drawers. Open the drawers in the kitchen and illuminate them with bright light. You may see cockroaches inside and they will try running away from the light. If you spot them, seek pest control services from professional pest control experts.

Why am I seeing German cockroaches in my house?

The German cockroaches are in your house because they are looking for food and shelter. Cockroaches also eat most foods that humans eat. The German cockroaches will roam around your kitchen in search of food and if they find it in plenty, they will settle around and start multiplying. The cabinets and shelves in the kitchen make perfect shelter and hideouts for the German cockroach. During the daytime, they will stay hidden in these cabinets and you will not see them move around.

What to do if you see a German cockroach

Some DIY solutions can help control the German cockroach. Buy pesticides from reputable sellers and spray the areas where the German cockroach stays like cabinets and drawers. Another method to get rid of German cockroaches is gel baits. Set out gel baits in places frequented by cockroaches. Gel baits are usually effective because once one cockroach comes in contact with it, it will carry it back to the other hidden cockroach populations and those other cockroaches will also get in contact with the pesticide. If you come across the German cockroach egg casing, crush it with your foot and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the debris. If the egg casing is empty, it means the nymphs have hatched and have all gone away into hiding. If you are finding difficulty dealing with German cockroaches, contact pest control experts. There are pest control and fumigation companies in Nairobi that offer good pest control services in Kenya. Don’t hesitate to seek help.

Is the German cockroach harmful?

The biggest danger of German cockroaches roaming around your house is that they can cause diseases. The German cockroach can spread diseases like cholera, salmonellosis, dysentery, E. coli, gastroenteritis, and many others. They walk all around the kitchen, cabinets, food preparation areas, and utensils and consequently contaminate these areas with disease-causing agents. Although the recent cholera outbreak in Kiambu and surrounding areas was caused by contaminated water, the German cockroach played a major role in the spread of this disease. The German Cockroaches move from house to house and from the sewer system to houses, hence causing the spread of cholera.

How much it costs to remove German cockroaches

The cost of removing the German cockroach varies based on the level of infestation. On average, it will cost you KES 8,000 to exterminate cockroaches in Nairobi. If you are on a budget, you can try some DIY pest control solutions like buying baits and sprays. However, as noted above, the German cockroach is resistant to many active ingredients in insecticides. Contacting pest control experts to come to deal with the roaches might be the better solution. Contact pest control before infestation becomes large. 

How long it takes to get rid of German Cockroaches

The length of time it takes to get rid of German cockroaches depends on the extent of the infestation. On average, it takes two to three weeks to get rid of German cockroaches. However, if there is a large infestation, it may take up to eight weeks to completely exterminate the cockroaches. The wise move is to tackle the roaches as soon as possible.

Are German cockroaches hard to get rid of?

German cockroaches are hardy and have developed resistance to many chemical pesticides used to control insects. This resistance makes them hard to exterminate easily. Moreover, The German cockroach lacks natural predators in a human habitat. Predators like spiders are pests in their own right and are unwelcome in homes. Another factor that makes the German cockroach hard to get rid of is their prolific reproduction and short reproductive cycle. Under ideal conditions, the German cockroach grows from egg to reproductive adult in 50 – 60 days. Other types of household cockroaches take way longer, for instance, the American cockroach takes 6 – 12 months to mature. With a size of 13–16 mm, the German cockroach is way smaller than other household cockroaches. This small size gives it the ability to hide in very small refuges.

Do German cockroaches bite?

The German cockroach can bite a human when he or she is asleep. However, this is a very rare occurrence and it is unlikely to happen.

How to Prevent German Cockroaches.

One of the best ways to tackle the German cockroach is by cutting off their food supply. The German cockroach enjoys staying in a place where there’s plenty of food. Cutting off their food supply will prevent them from coming to your home. Another way is decluttering and keeping your home clean. The German cockroach thrives in a dirty and cluttered home. Don’t avail this kind of environment to the cockroaches. Control cockroaches as soon as you discover their presence. 

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